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Best way to manufacture your own apparel items in house.


WHAT IS DTF ( Direct to Garment) TRANSFER

HD Transfers are a brand new way for artists, brands, and manufacturers to quickly and easily be able to manufacture their own apparel items in house. We print any design you can imagine onto a transfer film, and you heat press it onto any fabric you want, when you want, how you want. No more limits on colors, gradients, line widths, or resolutions, our HD Transfers can do it all.


No limits on your creative work, we can handle anything you throw at us. No color or gradient limits, no line width limits, no file limits, no resolution limits. Just send us the file and we'll put it on a transfer for you.

We Put it On Transfer Film

Our proprietary, purpose built equipment gives us an advantage over the competition, allowing us to bring the absolute highest quality full color transfers, at a cheaper price than any of our competitors.

You Press When Ready

Press Whenever Convenient to You
- 320F -Medium/High Pressure
- 15 Seconds - Cold Peel