80 Best Creative Trade Show Giveaway

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80 Best Creative Trade Show Giveaway

In your business, you have absolutely considered participating in trade show and convention, meeting new people, introducing your business/service to them and get recognized. But, how to attract visitors to your booth and how much to spend has always been a major source of conflicts between you and your colleagues. One of the most efficient ways is trade show giveaways. They allow you to start a conversation and get others’ attention to your business. Yet, You should do your research and learn about the techniques and tips to achieve the best result. Trade show giveaways can be served in an unified manner as a professional platform for performing business activity on an international and national scale.

Not all promotional items available are worth to invest. Some choices may even have a negative result. In this blog, we explain eighty creative and popular giveaway ideas which we suggest to our customers from all over the world at All American Printing and Advertising. Experience showed these giveaways attract visitors to your booth right away.

Why trade show giveaways?

Providing giveaways helps people remember your brand, business, or service whenever they are using them. This will affect their subconscious and unconscious. It’s widely known in the marketing world that consumers get a more favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving a promotional item. Think of giveaway items that are an everyday usable item or will be immediately useful, such as tote bags, pens, hand sanitizer, and water bottles.

Find the Right Item 

There are different items you could consider as a giveaway. Picking the right one depends on your objective and audience. The item needs to be helpful for the audience you are targeting. You can ask your booth visitors to give you their business cards or other qualifying information to receive your gift. If you have a more particular goal, such as getting more qualified leads or sales, then choose higher-value items and tie the gift to an exchange of value. If they’re for raising brand awareness, go for items on the less expensive side of the scale.

 Trade show giveaway pros

  • Help increase brand recognition
  • Introduce a product or service, provide helpful advice for buyers
  • Communicate your contact information unusually or interestingly
  • Pull in more booth traffic
  • Build brand visibility
  • Generate more leads
  • Boost your brand
  • People remember your brand
  • They improve your brand image

You need to be realistic and know because most of the people coming to your booth are looking after the freebies, you can’t necessarily achieve all the objectives.

An alternative to a free giveaway is printing a brochure or tip sheet filled with useful information related to your product and your target audience’s needs. By serving specific, practical purposes, event visitors may be attracted to this type of resource information.

Also, you can use our graphic design services for brochure design and printing

Add Your Message to Giveaways

Determining what you want to accomplish by using your giveaways is essential. Then start your search for items that are unique and match your product offering. Giveaways must reflect the image you need to portray precisely, add your company name, logo, and phone number along with the message on the item.

80 Popular and creative trade show giveaway ideas in 2020

You don’t want to give the image that your business is stuck in the past. You need things that will be used and required in the modern world. Whatever giveaways you choose, make sure to add your business name and website address on it that people can remember you if they need to. Figuring out what’s likely to be popular isn’t as hard as you might think. Some items—like tote bags and breath mints—are always popular because they’re useful—at the show and beyond.

The following items include:

  1. Paperweights, letter openers, and other desk accessories.
  2. Calendars-they used to be popular but have been replaced by digital counterparts. If you’re in the stationery business, consider sticky notes.
  3. Pencils and pens – A little old-fashioned and overused as promo items, but they are still used.
  4. Notebooks-even during the era of laptops and tablets, there are still some who use notebooks to take notes.
  5. Badge holders-in every occasion that security is high or people must be known, badge holders are necessary.
  6. Keychains-left your keys? Be smart in designing the innovative model.
  7. Personal care items-these travel items will get you noticed. Stress relief promotions keep them relaxed.
  8. Earbuds-This has happened to all of you, you reach for your headphones, and they’re a tangled mess. Something like this could annoy users. But, not the lucky ones who stop by your booth to get earbud.
  9. Tumbler with Mood Straw-considering 500 million straws being used every day in the US, many people are learning shift to reusable options. They also offer great potential for advertising and are better for the environment.
  10. Water bottles-water bottles are ubiquitous items at trade shows, partly because practically everyone uses them, and partially because their eco-friendly nature imparts goodwill on your company’s behalf.
  11. Bags create more impressions than any other product with 6.000 impressions per day. They are constantly used, especially if they’re both functional and attractive.
  12. The PopSockets-the average person makes approximately 8,000 texts and calls in public each year. That breaks down to 8,000 impressions per PopSocket per year—so about 1,670 impressions per dollar you spend.
  13. The webcam cover is sure to become a go-to trade show giveaway. The product comes adhered to a fully customizable card where you can display your bold brand and messaging.
  14. Holder with Metal Ring-This phone pocket includes a rotating metal ring that can be used as a grip or a stand.
  15. Dental floss
  16. Pin button
  17. Rustic Insulated Bottle
  18. Carabiner Compass
  19. Document Presentation Folder
  20. Mouse Pad
  21. E-Solutions Portfolio
  22. Bi-Lighter Dual-Ended Highlighter
  23. Clean Sweep Monitor Brush
  24. Jotter with Pockets and Pen Combo
  25. First Mate Travel Pillow
  26. Glass Water Bottle
  27. Mug, you can add your business name on it.
  28. Utility Knife
  29. Floating Wrist Strap Key Holder
  30. Compass KeyChain
  31. Waterproof Storage Case
  32. Kitchen Scale
  33. Bag Recycler
  34. Auto Sunshade
  35. Dumbbell Stress Reliever
  36. Garbage Can Container
  37. Rubik’s Cube
  38. Table Skirt
  39. Cosmic Solar Pedometer
  40. Stainless Steel Straw
  41. Can of Wipes
  42. Grow-Your-Own Herb Kits
  43. Eco-Friendly Fold-Up Tote
  44. Pen Cup
  45. Pocket LED flashlight
  46. Power bank
  47. USB Hub
  48. Cap
  49. Dice Stress Reliever
  50. Hand sanitizer
  51. Lip Balm And Sunstick
  52. Mobile phone stand
  53. USB chargers
  54. Breath mint
  55. Audio Devices
  56. Make-up cleaner
  57. Travel Items
  58. Sticky Notes
  59. Ribbons
  60. Pet Items
  61. Pill Boxes
  62. Mugs
  63. Napkins
  64. Lotion
  65. Luggage Tags
  66. Matches
  67. Phone Holder
  68. Lighters
  69. Laptop Bags
  70. Casters
  71. Coolers
  72. Cups
  73. First Aid
  74. Flash Light
  75. Golf Accessories
  76. Golf Balls
  77. Blankets
  78. Automobile Items
  79. Awards
  80. Phone covers

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Give us your ideas about trade show giveaway

In every business, you always dream of somewhere, you can meet new prospects and improve brand awareness. Trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, and business events can be served in an unified manner as a professional platform for performing business activity on an international and national scale.


Since the entire marketplace is at your fingertips, they are more than just a marketing tool. They can also fulfill your needs in market information. Trade shows still remain one of the most profitable business-to-business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) media strategies in the U.S., as they generated more than 12.8 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2016.

Our services

All American Printing and Advertising has been providing printing and advertising services to businesses attending the world-known trade shows held in Las Vegas for more than 15 years. We would be glad to help you with the trade shows giveaway you need.

In this blog, we shared eighty creative and popular giveaway ideas with you. Now it’s your turn to let us know what giveaway do you use for your trade shows in the comment below?

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