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Backlit Film Banner

A banner intended to be illuminated from behind is a backlit film banner comprised of a translucent substance that let’s light through, giving the appearance of glowing. When the objective is to draw attention and leave a lasting impression, this banner is frequently used in advertising, trade exhibitions, and other events.
Even in low light, the backlighting makes the colors and images on the banner appear vivid and attention-grabbing. This banner is a popular option for temporary displays because it is simple to erect, lightweight, and strong.

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Backlit Film Banners are a great way to showcase your graphics at night time. The translucent material allows light to pass through from the backside of your banner, making your graphics come to life at night. Our 6 oz. The backlit film is 10 mil heavy-duty translucent, which allows it to be the best possible quality.
We use a high-quality matte finish that minimizes glare, making for the best high-resolution displays. Our film is printable and also has an excellent white point that helps provide beautiful color printing. Our backlit film is remarkable for signs of all types, from airport signs to bus stops to menu displays. It’s also great for backlit exhibits, window presentations, and movie theater boxes.
• Maximum Size: 120″ High X 150′ Wide
• Resolution: High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720
• Usage: Indoor or Outdoor; Waterproof and UV safe that will last for years

Backlit film banners stand out because they are visible in low-light conditions. They’re constructed from a one-of-a-kind material that lets light shine through in all its bright glory. Because of this special quality, they are a top pick for many uses.

What is a Backlit Film?

A backlit film is a thin, bendable material that receives its backlit light from behind. Signs, menu boards, and other forms of backlit display are used frequently. The film’s graphics are made to stand out in various contexts by being illuminated from behind.

What is a Backlit Film Poster?

A backlit film poster that is made of a translucent material that looks great when lit from behind. Displays and advertisements use it frequently, especially in public places like malls and movie theaters.

How Does Backlit Film Work?

To achieve the desired outcome, backlit film allows light to pass through a translucent material, illuminating the printed graphics or images from behind to make them stand out.

What is Backlit Film Made of?

Translucent materials like polyester or polypropylene are commonly used for backlit film. This material’s transparency makes it perfect for backlit signage and exhibits. Coating the film improves both print quality and longevity.

How to Print on Backlit Film?

To print on backlit film, we:

  1. Use a printer that can handle large formats.
  2. Make sure your graphics have high contrast and vibrant colors.
  3. Print the film by loading it into the printer.
  4. Choose the type and quality of film for the printer.
  5. Ensure that the ink dries or cures before printing.
  6. Make sure the lightbox or display is trimmed and mounted.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing these banner stands requires careful planning. With our guidance, you will learn where and how to install these and how to maintain them so that they remain vibrant and impressive for years to come.

Advantages of Backlit Film Banners

You can use them for everything from advertising to decoration. Among their advantages, they are cost-effective, attract attention, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Where to Use Backlit Film Banners?

You can find numerous scenarios and places where these banners can be used, from storefronts and trade shows to airports and malls, where they can be used effectively to advertise.

Frequently Asked Questions for Backlit Film Banners

Are backlit film banners suitable for outdoor use?

These banners are made of a durable material that can withstand a variety of weather conditions, which makes them suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

What are the typical sizes for backlit film banners?

There are many sizes, but the most common dimensions are 2 x 6 feet, 3 x 8 feet, and custom sizes depending on your needs.

How long do they last?

A banner’s lifespan is determined by several factors, such as the material quality and how exposed it is to the elements. Banners that are made from high-quality materials can last for a long time.

Can backlit film banners be reused for different promotions?

They can be easily changed out with new graphics, so they are reusable.

What lighting options work best with backlit film banners?

As LED lighting provides even illumination and is energy-efficient, it is the most popular choice for most businesses daily.

Backlit Film Printing Near Me in Las Vegas

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