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Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl

The Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl is an ideal answer to your organizational demands. Our adhesive vinyl is made of a 4 mil white PVC that can be used inside and outside. Once placed on a flat surface, the decals are kept in place by the clear permanent adhesive backing.

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The Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl is an ideal answer to your organizational demands. Our adhesive vinyl is made of a 4 mil white PVC that can be used inside and outside. Once placed on a flat surface, the decals are kept in place by the clear permanent adhesive backing.

Our adhesive vinyl has a maximum dimension of 48″ high x 150′ wide. It may be printed on one side only and is digitally printed at 720 x 720 quality, making it perfect for various uses like menu boards, presentations, and signs.

Our dry erase adhesive vinyl is waterproof and UV safe for long-term use in any setting. Use a dry erase pen to write or draw on the vinyl, and when you’re finished, wipe it off with a cloth or eraser.

Our 4 mil Adhesive Vinyl is ideal whether you’re seeking to make a bespoke dry erase board, identify a location, or create a display. Place your order immediately to discover how convenient and adaptable Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl is!

What is Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl?

In Las Vegas, flexible and self-adhering, dry erase adhesive vinyl can be placed on many different surfaces to make them become whiteboards that can be written on and erased easily. It’s laminated in a specific way that makes it possible to write on it using dry erase markers and then easily erase your writing. This cutting-edge material comes in various sizes and may be customized to meet your requirements.

What is Clear Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl?

In Las Vegas, you may write on and simply wipe “clear dry erase adhesive vinyl” surfaces made from transparent vinyl with an adhesive backing.

What is an Adhesive Vinyl Dry Erase Board?

In Las Vegas, an “adhesive vinyl dry erase board” lets you write with dry erase markers and erase them. Its sticky vinyl and dry-erase board capabilities make it a reusable and adaptable writing surface.

Benefits of Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl

  • Versatility. Dry-erase adhesive vinyl is adaptable since it may be placed on various surfaces, including walls, doors, desks, and more.
  • Cost-Effective. It’s a space- and cost-saving alternative to regular whiteboards.
  • Eco-Friendly. Vinyl is reusable and thus less wasteful than other options like paper or Post-it notes.
  • Easy Installation. Dry-erase adhesive vinyl may be applied quickly and easily without the need for any additional equipment.
  • Customization. A wide range of colors and sizes are available to suit your needs.

Creative Applications of Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl

The uses for dry-erase sticky vinyl as a creative tool are endless. Some fascinating applications are as follows:

  • Home Office. Create a message board or a place to jot down ideas in your home office.
  • Classroom. This vinyl can cover desks or walls in a school to make learning more engaging.
  • Conference Rooms. Make any workplace location more conducive to teamwork by setting up a collaborative area.
  • Kids’ Playroom. Make your home a welcoming and stimulating place for your kids to learn and grow.
  • Kitchen. Fun and easy meal planning and shopping list management.

Maintenance Tips for Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl

To prolong the life of your dry-erase adhesive vinyl:

  • Get yourself some good dry-erase markers.
  • Use a dry-erase eraser or soft cloth to clean the surface regularly.
  • Avoid anything that could scratch the laminate, such as sharp objects.
  • You should get a new one if the vinyl gets scratched or worn out.

Can You Use Dry Erase on Vinyl?

Smooth, non-porous vinyl is suitable for using dry erase markers. Examine a small area first to ensure that dry-erase markings can be wiped off without staining or damaging vinyl.

Can You Use Whiteboard Pens on Vinyl?

Whiteboard pens work on smooth, non-porous vinyl-like dry-erase markers. Test a small area to confirm ink removal without damage.

Does Permanent Vinyl Stick to the Whiteboard?

Permanent vinyl sticks hard to surfaces and is not suggested for whiteboards. Using permanent vinyl on a whiteboard could damage the surface by creating a strong, long-lasting adhesive.

What Kind of Vinyl to Use on a Dry Erase Board?

Use repositionable vinyl on dry-erase boards. This vinyl may be applied and removed without affecting the dry-erase board’s surface or remaining glue. For this, use removable or repositionable vinyl.

Can You Write on Vinyl with Expo?

Expo markers work on whiteboards but not vinyl. A little vinyl can be used to test it for your application. Expo marker ink may be tougher to remove from vinyl than from a whiteboard and may leave residue or stains depending on the vinyl and how long it stays on.

Best Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl Near Me in Las Vegas

All American Printing & Advertising is the only place in Las Vegas to get the best Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl. Discover the ideal balance of form and function in our upscale offerings. Make your mark and upgrade your space today!

Maximum Size:  48″ High X 150′ Wide
Resolution: Digitally printed at 720 x 720 resolution. Printed on one side only.
Usage: Indoor or Outdoor; Waterproof and UV safe that will last for years.
Material Options:
4 mil. Adhesive


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