The digital age may have had an impact on every industry, even on marketing and advertisement. However, old-fashion marketing methods, like advertising banners, are still active. Finding the right approach for advertising to boost sales is not easy, and it sometimes requires boring meetings. Getting stuck in unproven marketing styles and risky modern ones have always been a hassle.


Among all different types of inexpensive marketing and advertisement methods, (Advertising banners) have shown a big potential to attract customers. Banners are one of the leading advertising methods for small and medium-sized businesses in trade shows because they require less maintenance and are highly effective. You find banners inside stores, outdoors, events, etc. There are many different shapes and sizes for various purposes, and each has its own unique advantages.


To find the right type of banner, where to use them, how long it should last, is it portable or not, and if the easy installment is required is important. In this blog, we go over different types of banners to help you order the right banner to promote your business.


What is a banner?

Banners are long strips of material with a design or slogan and the intent of representing a company, organization, government, or other entity. Dictionaries describe banners as being made of cloth, but today a banner can be made of different materials. Banners’ thickness, flexibility, and durability vary, and they are differentiated by how they are displayed.


Different Types of Banners

Due to changes in technology and printing, some banners that were popular in past years have all faded. The main categories available today are PVC, or vinyl banners, and fabric banners. Here are some of the most popular banners available:


Pull-Up Banners or pop-up banners

This type is the most portable and versatile one. Pull-up banners are ideal for indoor use, such as in halls, offices, and exhibitions. After you finish that, it could be folded and put back in its case to save space. It’s cheap enough for one-time use but can be used for multiple events.


Vinyl Banners

It is also known as polyvinyl banners and is also very popular. Because of their durability, for some customers, they are preferred over other types of banners. It could be used outdoors and indoors. There are two common types of gloss or matte finish. If you are planning to put the banner outdoors, a gloss finish is preferable since it does not get dirty as quickly as the matte finish variety.


Mesh Banners

They are excellent for large-scale outdoor advertising, as they come with small holes throughout, and also very suitable for regions where weather conditions are problematic. Mesh banners are commonly used in the developing areas or on the sports ground, as a temporary fence to separate pedestrians from construction workers.

Using ball bungees when hanging this banner helps to prevent it from being torn by the wind.


Fabric Banners

These banners are highly used indoors. Their popularity has increased because of their durability, which makes these types of banners perfect for outdoor use. It is a sub-category of poly banners. The printing technology applied to fabric banners produces incredible color durability.


Poly Knit Banners

A member of fabric banners, poly knit banners have been popularized by the easy availability of polyester materials in the market. The most popular material under this category is the poly knit fabric, which features a stretchy fabric that makes it ideal for use in trade shows and hanging displays.


The non-stretchy variant of this banner is used to create attractive banners that can be suspended from the ceiling. Poly knit banners usually feature a weight at the bottom pole pocket that makes it easy to hang them without creasing.


Poly Satin Banners 

It is under the fabric banners group. They are available in different variety of knits, including heavy-weight knits, medium knits, and lightweight knits.


Main types of banner stands


Retractable banner stand

This banner stand involves a roll-up banner, which is used a lot because storage will be very easy. Because it is durable, easy to use, and easy to store away, This type is trendy. Because they are easy to install and very versatile, Many people like to use them.


Portable banner stand

This type can be displayed anywhere and is highly portable. They come in two styles: the telescopic or tension back.


L and X banner stands 

L banner stand features an L backing while the X banner stands features and X backing. It is very versatile and portable. They are widely used due to effectiveness and durability.

 Which type of branding display should you use?


If you are still thinking whether the banner advertisement is right or wrong, why wherever you look on the street or in trade shows and conventions, businesses are using at least one form of a banner?

Stats show that people in their 25 to 34 age range, have seen 2,094 banner ads per month. In another example, according to a Reuters report, China’s Jiahao Flag Co. has produced more than 90,000 “Trump 2020: Keep America Great!” banners. Meanwhile, stats show that ad spending in the Banner Advertising segment in 2019 was $59,756 million; it will reach $63,390million in 2020, $66,482 million in 2021, and $70,667 million in 2022.


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